Saturday, June 18, 2016

Reason why order are rejected

Dear customers,we wish to inform you that all orders rejected by wadelochem admin is due to the failure of following the shopping rules.All order that did not mach our terms of payment will be deleted immediately.Make sure you  choose the right payment option that is available in your location.Before shopping make sure you check our payment page,if you have any question please contact us.Take a go with 1 day express delivery for just $40 within U.S,you are lucky to be here.

Wadelochem for best quality

Welcome to wadelochem,we are here because you are there so we always make sure to give you just the best.When shopping on our website make sure you read payment page before making an order so as to follow the rules or choose the right payment for your location.Checkout the most sale product on our website A-PHP CRISTAL.